our Partners


Ramsauer & Stürmer Consulting and Finadvice are two consulting companies with tradition, whose strategic alliance is unique in its dimension throughout Germany.
“Synergistic effects are created through the combination of two strong partners, from which the clients benefit.”




   Finadvice is the perfect partner for Ramsauer & Stürmer Consulting with its core areas of MA, management and       communal consulting. An interface of mutual knowledge, mutual resources and mutual networks emerges    through the co-operation at the same location. This leads to an essential surplus for our clients. The partnership    between Ramsauer & Stürmer Consulting and Finadvice paves the way for a consulting of the next generation. 




   The services of Finadvice involve the spectrum of actions of an investment bank as well as the core areas of an     international consulting company. The aim: professional consulting with flat hierarchies and short decision                                             making processes.



   Corporate Finance          Management-Consulting          Communal Consulting
          - M&A businesses                      - Strategic consulting
          - Financing                               - Post Merger Integration



   “Our clients will gain several advantages through this partnership. We offer all services    from consulting to conception and transaction, everything from one single source, at    one single location.”